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Blue Ceilings

Blackbird's den

December 15th, 2014

Two photos in online photo show @ 08:26 pm

I haven't submitted many pieces to shows this year - it's just been a tough year for gathering enough time & energy. However, I got two pieces in Linus Gallery's The Seasons show. It's online, but everything is open for a print show.


December 8th, 2013

New Mexico photos posted @ 07:07 pm

I took a trip to N.M. in October, and I'm almost done posting them to my blog here:

Hope you enjoy!

February 11th, 2013

Mosaics & geese @ 09:59 pm

This past weekend was (finally) filled with photography, art, and nature. Please see my two recent blog posts here: www.tina-carter.com/blog.

July 9th, 2012

Photographs - the arctic kind @ 09:38 pm

This photographer spends most of his time above the arctic circle. He's shot in arctic Norway and in the wilds of Greenland as well as eastern Europe.

I think I've become particularly fond of Greenland as I've twice been able to shoot it from a plane high above.

Amazing photos and stories:

May 13th, 2012

Take a photo of a day in your life. @ 10:14 pm

www.aday.org is asking everyone to take a photo on tuesday 5/15 of a day in your average life.

I'm in India, so my photo won't be representative, but check out the site. It's a really cool idea.

March 11th, 2012

Megan and Rex - purple hearts and an impossible military @ 09:53 pm

I heard this on Jeanine Pirro's show, then found this site.

Megan and her partner-dog from Iraq, Rex, were wounded then received purple hearts. Now Rex is being retired, and Megan wants to adopt him, which will save him from being put to sleep (un-bloody believable in itself).

Please pass this on and email publicaf@lackland.af.mil and support Megan and her campaign to save her dog-partner Rex.

February 25th, 2012

amazing time-lapse video @ 11:54 am

This really is a stunning video of Rio during Carnaval.


February 15th, 2012

Suits coming on DVD FINALLY @ 02:55 pm

TVshowsonDVD says season one will be released on 5/1/12.

Does anyone know when Season 2 is going to start? I think I read July, but I'm not sure.

December 28th, 2011

Glass @ 08:31 pm

I visited the Museum of Glass in Tacoma a few days ago. My impressions and some photos are here:


November 26th, 2011

New Photo site and blog @ 02:18 pm

I finally created a pro-level photo site and a photo blog:

Hope you visit & enjoy!

Blue Ceilings

Blackbird's den